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PDI's featured web content will focus on MRSA during the month of February. This page includes links to all of the MRSA related content on the PDI website, including articles, presentations, projects, and more.  



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Title: MRSA Field Guide: Maryland Patient Safety Center 2007

MRSA Reflections

Reflections from Jon Lloyd, MD: Deviating Positively to Foster Change in Social & Bio Systems

Reflections from Margaret Toth, MD:

06/20/08 - I See The Solution Differently Now: In this Reflection Margaret explains a response she wrote when asked a question about the risks involved with physicians not washing their hands. Margaret's response, which she recognizes as being a much different response from one she would have previously given, recognized that hand washing does not just apply to physicians and should not be the only consideration when discussing MRSA prevention. MRSA prevention, Margaret emphasizes, involves every person who comes in contact with the care environment and involves the entire community.

07/11/08 - Stories: Margaret shares stories that lie at the heart of Positive Deviance, including a story about a new physician from New Mexico who was surprised and horrified to discover that she was unknowingly carrying MRSA on her stethoscope. Margaret also shares a story that Jerry Sternin often told about Nasrudin and the donkeys.

MRSA Presentations


 MRSA Publications

  • Lloyd, J., Buscell, P., & Lindberg, C. 2008, "Staff-Driven Cultural Transformation Diminishes MRSA", Prevention Strategist, Spring, pp. 10-15.

  • Macklis M.D, Roger. Successful Patient Safety Initiatives: Driven from Within. Group Practice Journal vol.50 (10) November/December. 2001. (Link to: Group_practice_journal.pdf)


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